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“I was moving from my house that I just sold, to an apartment. There was a lot of items for the garage, for the apartment and for storage. The ISM team was fantastic and was able to help with a very short notice, and for a reasonable price. Nothing was broken and all items got to their proper rooms, saving me a lot of time to unpack. Thank you guys!”


John B. – Westlake, OH


“I hired Informed Senior Moves to help me clean out the garage and attic of
my parents’ home, and organize and clean the spaces. There were treasures
mixed in with junk accumulated over fifty years, and I was overwhelmed
with the task. Mike and his team were polite, professional and very caring
with my possessions and with me personally. The process moved along
smoothly and much faster than I thought. I highly recommend Informed
Senior Moves for the high quality and excellent value of their services!”


Mindy C. – Cleveland, OH


“Initially, I was a little apprehensive about my 30+ years of

accumulation in my basement. It looked overwhelming to me 

but Mike and Sam where very reassuring and did a very

professional job moving my floor to ceiling "stuff" up and out

into their truck. I would highly recommend this company to 

everyone needing to get rid of the clutter we so lovingly 

accumulate over the lifetime of home ownership. Thanks ISM team you have my eternal gratitude for a job well done!”


Darlene D. – Cleveland, OH


“My family recently lost my father after a long battle with a degenerative disease. The loss of a loved one is never easy and in this case the responsibility fell to me to bring closure to my father's estate. Unfortunately, this situation was made even more difficult for me because I live on the other side of the country and travel frequently for work.  I have made as many trips home as possible to help my father over the past few years. However, the amount of work I can get done on these trips is always limited by time and with my dad's health problems, even relatively easy tasks became very difficult for him.


When we lost my dad, the help that I received from Mike literally kept the situation from turning into a complete disaster. Mike helped me to organize my father's belongings and to separate the important items from the junk that had collected over 20+ years in my father's home. Mike helped me find and hold onto important family heirlooms and then he helped me to dispose of the junk and trash.  Mike arranged appointments to receive bids from contractors and then hired one of them for me to do some light remodel work. He also helped me get set up with a great realtor that was familiar with the area. Mike then helped me clean and stage the house to prepare it for sale.  The house has now been listed for only a few days and I already have several interested parties. 


Without Mike's help, I would be so much further behind in this very difficult process.  Mike was compassionate and understanding of how emotionally difficult this situation has been for me and my family.  He was always supportive and helped me get everything done in a thorough and efficient manner.”

Chris S. – Boulder, CO


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