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relocation help to nursing home

Relocating an elderly parent to a nursing home or skilled nursing facility

This is a stressful time for the whole family. A loved one is moving to a constant care community because of declining health or a recent accident or fall. Being prepared will make this difficult transition easier. Consider this checklist to make your loved one as comfortable as possible in their new setting.

Relocation to skilled nursing facility checklist

  • Contact the community and find out what is included in the room. You cannot bring clutter or tripping hazards so consider space and safety of residents and staff before bringing anything.

  • Will there be a roommate?

  • What items are not allowed?

  • How does laundry work at this facility?

  • What services offered have additional charges?

  • Bring a variety of comfortable clothing that is easy to put on and can be washed repeatedly

  • Label all possessions including clothes with a laundry marker. Residents can honestly mistake your belongings for their own and employees cannot be responsible personal items.

  • The soap, shampoo and toothpaste used at home is essential to feel comfortable in a new setting

  • Use a plastic bin for hobby materials, magazines, word games and puzzles

  • Family photo or coffee mug and essential items in your loved ones daily routine

  • Can you replace any existing community furniture such as the nightstand with one from home?

  • Can you decorate the door to help your loved one find their room and feel at home?

  • De-clutter and organize home to be safe

  • Downsizing to a more manageable residence

  • Dispersal of estate and preparing the home for sale

Will your loved one return to their home after their stay in skilled nursing or is this a long term situation? Informed Senior Moves can help with whatever comes next:

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