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home staging service Westlake, OH

Home staging tips

Proper home staging will sell your home faster and increase the sale price of your home. Buyers often form their opinion of your home in the first minute and these tips will deliver results. Stage your home before the real estate agent takes pictures because many buyers pre-screen homes online before even considering visiting in person.

  • Curb appeal - Make sure your home looks great from the street. The outside is your first chance to make an impression and you want basic landscaping done with a clean and organized entrance.

  • De-clutter - Don't distract buyers with too much to look at. All small objects and uncommon possessions should be out of sight. Remove extra appliances in the kitchen and totally clear off that fridge.

  • Deep cleaning - Sparkling kitchens, spotless bathrooms and sometimes a professional cleaning to bring your carpet back to life.

  • Bright and light - Open those curtains, clean windows and turn on all lights including any special home features you may have to show off such as a gas fireplace.

  • Arrange furniture - Make your rooms seem larger by removing excess furniture and opening up the floor plan. Make sure there is a nice flow to your furniture when walking from room to room.

  • Depersonalize / Neutralize - Buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home and pictures of family and pets won't help. Your home should look functional and not gender or age specific.

  • Maintenance and repairs - Don't let a leaky faucet make the buyer wonder how well your home has been maintained and what else could be going on. Painting important rooms can make a huge impact.

  • Define each room's purpose - If you have a room that is used for storage, make it an office or a bedroom. Make sure your dining room looks like a place a buyer would like to have a relaxing meal in.

  • Remove odors - Open all those windows and remove odors from pets, smoking and cooking.

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