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moving to senior community checklist

Senior relocation services and moving to assisted living, memory care, independent living, or retirement communities

There are many reasons why seniors move to smaller residences. Downsizing, or "rightsizing", allows you to live and experience more without the worrying about the maintenance of owning a home. Your home of many years may no longer be practical due to multiple levels or you may be moving for medical, mobility and support reasons.

Senior Downsizing Checklist & Tips

  • Senior transitions take planning, patience, support and muscle so make sure you have enough help!

  • Once you have chosen a community, check to see what furniture and amenities are included. Many senior communities will have a fitness center, computer room, beauty/barber shop, activity/game room, arts & crafts and include 3 meals per day.

  • Is there a kitchenette or will you need a microwave and mini-fridge?

  • Create a floor plan of your new residence to determine what you are able to take

  • Make a move plan and break down your move into smaller more manageable tasks

  • Sort all belongings by what you are keeping, selling, donating and throwing away

  • Bring only things you have used in the last 12 months

  • Use professional packing materials and specialized boxes like dish packs to protect your belongings

  • Clothing for all weather and plastic totes if storage is limited to rotate seasonal clothing

  • You are moving to a much smaller residence so avoid large furniture or simply bringing too much.

  • Recreate the most important aspects of your previous home and routine

  • Folding chairs can be great for guests and compact for storage

  • Forward mail at post office and change address for bank, credit cards, IRS, utilities, insurance, doctors, social security, magazines, and associations/clubs

  • VERY IMPORTANT FOR MOVING DAY - Pack a box for your first night stay including toiletries, toilet paper, medications, purse/wallet, checkbook, change of clothes, night wear, address book and a favorite framed photo to feel at home

Need Downsizing Help?

We are your local Cleveland, OH area senior downsizing experts! Our professional consulting gives you the strategies and solutions that help you home downsize quickly and organized.

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